The Past

Fresh FM was originally named something different - Acorn FM

Acorn FM began broadcasting in June 2001 at North Devon
College, back in the good
old days when the likes of S Club 7 and Blue were storming the charts and
Freddo's only cost 10p. It was so named because the logo of the college
consisted of – you guessed it – an acorn. Amazingly, we were the first ever
college radio station to receive a broadcasting licence. Good eh?


The name could not last, however. In August 2008, it was
announced that North Devon College and East Devon
College were to be unified as one, to
be named after the patron saint of the Devon
flag, Saint Petroc himself. In light of this, the logo of the college changed.
And the acorn? Well the acorn no longer seemed relevant. So as the college
rebranded, so did the student radio station. After heavy debate, discussion and
indecisiveness, Acorn FM was renamed as Fresh FM. It was the birth of something